Tuesday Tip: Using a Flour Duster

When I first started baking, the thing I struggled with most was getting light, flavorful breads instead of dense breads. Breads that I would bite into and think, “But I followed the recipe! Why is it like this?” After a lot of cookbook reading (Yes, I have fallen prey to Katie’s reading a cookbook cover to cover…) and trial and error, I found that I added too much flour when kneading or rolling out baked goods, loaf breads or otherwise.

Enter my flour duster:

flour duster

It’s nothing extraordinary. I think it was less than $2 at Target one day and I thought that maybe I might use it to put powdered sugar on brownies or something one day…? Vague aspirations being what they are, I bought it. It is now one of the first things I reach for when baking. When a recipe said “lightly floured surface,” I would usually sprinkle flour with my hand on the counter and then also on the dough. Try as I might, there were always clumps here or there. Those clumps added a lot of flour to my dough, which made the dough too stiff. With a flour duster, I could actually have a “dusting” of flour!

Whether it’s for sprinkling powdered sugar on confections, flour for kneading or rolling Honey Whole Wheat bread, or cornmeal for rolling out English muffins, my flour duster is now a staple kitchen tool. Splurge on the $2! Your baking deserves it. 🙂

~ Theresa

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