Pan release “GOOP”

I like to bake. So much so that I got tired pretty quickly of buying those nonstick sprays. First of all, those cans are expensive! And I really felt like they left a sticky residue on my pans, which – hello! – is the exact opposite of what I was going for. But the real clincher for me was the sneaking suspicion that I could do better.

So for awhile I tinkered around with greasing pans, using shortening, or oil, or butter. I tried greasing and then flouring. I tried papering muffin cups, which often left a good chunk of the muffin in the trash, stuck to the wrapper. I was not consistently happy with any of the solutions I tried.

Then one day, I happened to come across this brilliant idea: pan release “goop.” It’s a mixture of shortening, oil, and flour – all things I had attempted to use on their own, with little success – whisked together until creamy, and then spread on the pan using a pastry brush.

And, let me tell you: it works. Like a dream. I make cakes, and they practically fall out of the pan when I flip them out. I make muffins, and they take very little effort – and no sawing – to remove from the pan. I make quick breads, and they come out with zero effort. In short, my friends: this goop is amazing. Try it.


What you need:

pan release “GOOP”


  • equal parts shortening, vegetable oil, and flour (I used 1/2 c. each)


  • stand mixer with whisk attachment, or large bowl and whisk
  • measuring cups
  • spatula
  • storage container (I like to use the 8 oz. Mason jars with plastic caps)

Time: About 5 minutes.

Freezeable: No, but this keeps for months in the fridge.

Serves: This will grease a lot of pans. It lasted me for months, and I bake all. the. time.

Multiplying the recipe: You can do this in any amounts you like – just be sure to have a large enough storage container!

Pan release “goop”:

In a bowl, whisk together equal parts shortening, vegetable oil, and flour until creamy. Store, covered, in the refrigerator.

To use: brush on pans with a pastry brush.

pan release “GOOP”

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