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Ice Cream Showdown!: Homemade v. Store-Bought

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of ice cream. If there’s ice cream in the house, I will eat it. I will eat it every day until it is gone. I am actually eating a bowl of ice cream … Continue reading

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Frozen Pizza Showdown!: Store-Bought v. Homemade

I love pizza. I could probably eat it every day. While I grew up with the occasional novelty of ordering pizza for delivery (always a big deal), I was spoiled by having my dad’s amazing homemade pizza on a pretty … Continue reading

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Soft Pretzel Showdown!: Homemade v. Store-bought

My kids really enjoy getting a soft pretzel for a special treat. And I like to, as well – so it’s not hard to convince me to spend a few dollars on one to share! It’s something my kids have … Continue reading

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Showdown!: Homemade Freezer Jam vs. Store-Bought

Katie and I love doing the Showdowns, because having people blind taste recipes is a great way to see whether or not spending the time making something is really worth it. In the case of making strawberry freezer jam, the … Continue reading

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Oreo Showdown!: Homemade v. Store-bought

We love baking things that most people would just buy at the supermarket. You know, for fun! One of our favorite projects is homemade Oreos. These things pack a dark chocolate punch, and the buttery filling puts the shortening-based store-bought … Continue reading

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Bacon Showdown!: Baked, Fried, or Microwaved?

We LOVE bacon. So when we gathered our families together for a bacon showdown, we bought four pounds. It was excessive. And awesome. We wanted to try out a few different methods for preparing bacon. We had our own favorite … Continue reading

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Pancake Showdown!: Homemade Pancakes v. Homemade Mix

When Katie and I were talking about our next Showdown ideas, we thought of doing pancakes. We have had some variation on the theme of “store-bought vs. homemade” for many of our showdowns, so our first idea was to have … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken Showdown!: Home Roasted v. Rotisserie

We’ve all been there: the day got busy, your meal plan fell through, you’re driving home hungry, and as you pass the grocery store you think to yourself, “I’ll just grab a rotisserie chicken.” Walk in the house with an … Continue reading

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Gingerbread House Showdown!, Take Two: Kit v. Graham Crackers

Every month, we choose a food topic that intrigues us and hold a showdown with our families. Last December, we chose to have a gingerbread house showdown, featuring a homemade gingerbread house competing with a gingerbread house from a kit. … Continue reading

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Cocoa Mix Showdown!: store-bought v. homemade

When it comes to having a showdown of something homemade versus something store-bought, my immediate inclination is to assume that the homemade version will not only taste better but also be less expensive. Often this is true, particularly because you … Continue reading

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