Tuesday Tip: Buying Yeast in Bulk

I bake a lot of bread. No, seriously. I bake all the bread my family eats – sandwich breads, English muffins, bagels. Tortillas, too. Focaccia bread, French bread, bread machine loaves. Pizza dough.

I used to cringe at having to buy those miniscule packets of yeast – seriously, three packets of yeast for how much?? No, thank you. Then I discovered that you can buy yeast in bulk for much, much less. Now I pay roughly $5 once every year or so and get this beauty:

bulk yeast

Yup, that’s right: two pounds of yeast. Here’s what I do:

Dispense a small amount of yeast into a small jar that I keep in the door of my fridge. This amount, less than a cup, will be used up in a week or two. When it’s low, I simply refill.

Dispense the remainder into a plastic storage container with a screw-top lid and store, tightly sealed, in the freezer. This preserves the yeast for at least a year.

Vital information if you choose to buy yeast in bulk: one packet of yeast contains approximately 2 1/4 t. of yeast. Happy baking!


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