Tuesday Tip: Measuring Semi-Solids

I love baking. But there are some things that I have, in the past, found very frustrating. One of them is measuring semi-solids.

Just what is a semi-solid, you ask? Well, these are ingredients that are not quite solid, but too thick to be a liquid. Things like peanut butter, and shortening. Yogurt and sour cream. Mayonnaise.

All of these things are very difficult to measure with a dry measuring cup – especially because you can’t really see whether you packed it down enough, or if there are spaces in that sticky clump of peanut butter. And a liquid measuring cup would really not measure them properly. Also, whatever measuring cup you use, it is going to be frustrating to scrape out.

Enter the semi-solid measuring cup. This consists of a clear cylinder with markings for various measurements, and a silicone cup that fits inside it. Push the silicone cup to the appropriate measurement line, fill the space using a spatula (seeing clearly where any spaces are so that you can pack them down!), and then simply push up the cup so that the sticky glob falls right into your bowl. The cup is designed to scrape itself down as the cup pushes up – so all you have to do is scrape off the top with a spatula. Easy as pie.


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