Tuesday Tip: Using a Bench Scraper

A bench scraper is a useful tool to have in your kitchen. I find myself reaching for it frequently. Here are a few ways I use it in my kitchen:

1) The bench scraper is a handy tool for scraping wet doughs (too wet for a traditional kneading process) over on themselves to develop gluten structure.

using a bench scraper to knead

2) The bench scraper is great for literally scraping the bench – especially after kneading dough. The little bits of sticky dough and the flour can all get scraped into a little pile and wiped up, leaving your dishcloth without all those sticky particles of dough clinging to it.

3) Bench scrapers are great for cutting bars – granola bars, brownies, lemon bars, you name it. They make nice even cuts, and if the bars are harder, you can just put some weight down on the scraper – unlike a knife, which is okay if the bars are soft, but really hurts with harder bars.

chocolate chip granola bars

4) I use bench scrapers constantly for dividing dough. When making two loaves of dough from a single batch of dough. When making buns, bagels, English muffins, tortillas, or pigs in a blanket. My bench scraper gives me a nice, even cut, every time.

In other words, my bench scraper makes life – and baking – easier. And that’s a win.


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