Tuesday Tip: Using Kitchen Scoops

I have been baking my whole life, and over the years I have bought any number of little gadgets that are meant to help make baking easier. Some are successful, and some not so much. Today I’m going to tell you about one gadget that is well worth the money: kitchen scoops.

These handy little scoops used to be just for serving ice cream. Well, they’re even better for portioning cookie dough or muffin batter, and even mini cheese balls! The scoops come in a variety of sizes. I use a small (1 Tablespoon) scoop to portion cookie dough, and a large (1/4 cup) scoop to portion muffin batter. They save me so much time! And, the best part is that they make dividing batter or dough evenly such a no-brainer that it’s really easy to get perfectly-sized cookies and muffins that all look exactly the same!

So, if you want to bake muffins and cookies that look like they could be from a fancy bakery, my pro tip is to buy a set of kitchen scoops. You won’t regret it.