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Soft Pretzel Showdown!: Homemade v. Store-bought

My kids really enjoy getting a soft pretzel for a special treat. And I like to, as well – so it’s not hard to convince me to spend a few dollars on one to share! It’s something my kids have … Continue reading

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How to Make Homemade French Bread Pizza

Making homemade French Bread is one of my favorite things. It always makes me wish I did it at least once a week. Inevitably, however, I’ll end up with leftovers that need to be eaten rather quickly or else I … Continue reading

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How to Make Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Adults and kids alike can rally around cookies and ice cream. And what better way to have a great handheld dessert for your next spring or summer gathering than with homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches? All the childhood joys of … Continue reading

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Showdown!: Homemade Freezer Jam vs. Store-Bought

Katie and I love doing the Showdowns, because having people blind taste recipes is a great way to see whether or not spending the time making something is really worth it. In the case of making strawberry freezer jam, the … Continue reading

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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

There is something about the combination of lemon and poppy seeds that I find irresistible. The tang, the crunch…well, I love just about anything that has those flavors! Cake, scones, bread, muffins… I decided to test out a lemon poppy … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Favorite Muffin

I make muffins like it’s my job. Well, technically my job is to be a full-time mom to my three kids, so maybe making muffins is my job? Anyway, I have a young daughter who desperately always wants to help … Continue reading

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DIY Fruit-Filled Snack Bars

My kids are big fans of all those little snacks that come individually wrapped. Granola bars. Go-gurt. Nutrigrain bars. Goldfish. But I am not a big fan of the cost to feed those kinds of snacks to my kids on … Continue reading

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