Weekly Meal Plan #83

Even though it’s not officially summer, it certainly feels like summertime around here. My highlight this week was definitely being able to have some fresh produce from the grocery store and the Farmers Market around the house. It makes snack time and dinner time easier to think about because if I don’t have anything already planned or cooking, I can quickly, easily, and happily set out fresh fruits or veggies and voila! Instant sides!


If you want to see how we plan our meals, click here.

Katie’s plan:

  • Memorial Day cookout with family: brought soft pretzels and fudge ripple ice cream
  • Soup (from the freezer), mandarin oranges
  • English muffin pizzas, peas, peaches
  • Wacky dinner: pizza, snap peas, berries, ice cream sandwiches
  • Out of town
  • Out of town
  • Other things to make this week: yellow cake mixes, instant oatmeal packets

Theresa’s plan:

  • Dinner out
  • Dinner with family
  • Dinner with family; brought Cranberry-Orange Quick Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread
  • Memorial Day cookout with family, brought soft pretzels and fudge ripple ice cream
  • Chicken Chili served shell pasta with shredded cheese and lime wedges, Maple cornbread, red peppers, strawberries
  • Quesadillas, canned pears, crinkle-cut carrots
  • Leftovers
  • Other things to make this week: Blueberry muffins, Lemon poppyseed muffins, Chocolate chip muffins, Banana-blueberry mini-loaves (4)

About Cooking for the Fam

Katie and Theresa are sisters-in-law who are passionate about food, passionate about family, and passionate about making and sharing food with their families. The Fam needs to eat. Make it good!
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