Pigs in a Blanket

I love party food, but so often what we think of as party food relies on lots and lots of store-bought foods. Condensed cream soups, processed cheeses, and refrigerated doughs are frequent stars. These are all foods that I prefer not to buy, for both the cost and because I know that these foods are full of fillers.

So I was really excited when I found this recipe – which I adapted from Taste of Home Kid Approved Cookbook – for pigs in a blanket using homemade dough. I make these with whole hot dogs as well as bite size ones (I cut whole hot dogs in fourths). Sometimes I have extra dough, and then I use it to shape a few small dinner rolls. Any way I prepare these, they get gobbled up.


What you need:

ingredients for pigs in a blanket


  • 2 1/4 t. active dry yeast
  • 1/3 c. plus 1 t. sugar, divided
  • 2/3 c. warm milk
  • 1/3 c. warm water
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 T. plus 2 t. butter, melted
  • 1 t. salt
  • 3 2/3 c. all-purpose flour
  • 10 hot dogs


  • large bowl
  • spatula
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • clean kitchen towel
  • bench scraper or sharp knife
  • rolling pin (optional; smaller ones work best for this recipe)
  • baking sheet

Time: 30-40 minutes active time, divided;  90 minutes rising, divided; and 15-20 minutes baking.

Freezeable: Yes; wrap baked and cooled hot dogs tightly and seal in an airtight container. Freeze for 2-3 months. Do not thaw: heat from frozen in a 350F oven for 10-20 minutes. Make sure to heat through, or the dough will be soggy.

Serves: 4-6 for a main dish (whole hot dogs); 8-10 for a party appetizer (small bite-size)

Multiplying the recipe: It can easily be doubled.

Pigs in a Blanket:

Mix yeast, 1 t. sugar, milk, and water in a large bowl. Allow to stand for 5 minutes to activate the yeast.

Stir the egg, butter, salt, 1/3 c. sugar, and 3 c. flour into the yeast mixture. The dough should come together, but will be very shaggy and wet.

Dust a clean surface with flour and dump the dough onto it. Knead the dough for 5-10 minutes, incorporating as much of the remaining 2/3 c. flour as necessary to make a soft, smooth, springy ball of dough. Grease a bowl and place the dough in it, turning to coat the dough with oil. Cover the bowl with a clean, damp kitchen towel and allow to rise until doubled, about 1 hour.

Remove the risen dough from the bowl to a lightly floured surface. Divide the dough into 10 smaller pieces. Roll or press each piece into a 5″x2″ rectangle (for wrapping whole hot dogs) or cut into 4 smaller pieces and roll into smaller rectangles (for wrapping bite-size pieces). Roll the rectangles around the hot dogs, pinching the seam to seal. (You can encase the entire hot dog in dough by sealing the ends, or leave the ends open, if you prefer.)

Place wrapped hot dogs, seam side down, on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Cover with the towel and allow to rise 30 minutes. Bake at 350F for 15-20 minutes. The bread should turn a deep golden brown. (Pale breading will be soggy, so be sure to bake long enough.) Serve with ketchup for dipping, or slit the dough lengthwise to add toppings inside the bread.

pigs in a blanket

About Cooking for the Fam

Katie and Theresa are sisters-in-law who are passionate about food, passionate about family, and passionate about making and sharing food with their families. The Fam needs to eat. Make it good!
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